Family Constellations, Workshop

Family Constellations Workshop

Family Constellations, Workshop has been found to be helpful in all areas of life.

The main areas that people have come to this work are:

  • Relationship issues
  • Within the family or
  • At work with a Business Constellation, inability to thrive in life and find a direction or make an important decision.

It is also very effective in assisting in physical healing process.  Whether emotional, physical or practical in nature of the problem being resolved, Family Constellations work can effectively bring insight and a feeling of resolution to the client and their family, even a number of generations back.


1 Day Family Constellation Workshop 10th November 9:30am – 4pm

• Is something is holding you back from achieving success?
• Looking for better relationships with family members?
• Having trouble making or keeping money?
• Want to develop a loving and lasting relationship?
• Wondering why making decisions is so hard for you?

Have your Uncertainties Clarified and Many Problems Resolved
by Using the Unique Process of Family Constellations
Join Briar and Luigi In Carindale Brisbane


Family Constellation can help with:

•                Parents, siblings and children (who are not getting along)
•                Any relationships issues at home or at work
•                Things holding you back from success, in any area of life
•                Major health issues, that come from the family system
•                Inability to find or keep a lasting relationship
•                Inability to either make or keep money
•                Lacking satisfaction with life in general

Briar and Luigi are trained and experienced therapists in running Family Constellation Workshops
This healing modality is used around the world for revealing and then helping to resolve issues in the family system that can hold back the feeling of being loved or a sense of freedom and personal choice. Even illnesses that seem to be ‘passed on’ through the generations can be healed


The current promotional prices of:Full day work shop having your particular issue revealed and helped. ONLY $80 (3 places remaining)

Full day work shop as a representative participant, offering yourself to be selected as a family representative for someone.
ONLY $50 (places still available)

What’s the difference?
1.            Bringing your issue to the workshop to have it worked on, you will experience resolution on an unconscious as well as a conscious level. Many people report having things improve and situations feel completed over the next days, weeks and even months after the session.

2.            As a representative participant you may be chosen to come into a constellation (totally your choice, no pressure) and are very likely to feel situations resonate for you which in itself can often bring closure for you and your situations.

Want to know more and/or book in… call now 1300 160 854
Please RSVP by COB 4th November

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