Earning Your Beer

How Long Does it Take to Earn the Price of Beer…?


….asks Garry Wolnarek, from Wolnarek Tax Accountants in one of his latest articles


In the city of Munich, in Germany, the annual October Fest is famous for it’s Beer Consumption over the 16-day event.

7.6 million litres go from glass to mouth and sells at quite inflated prices, recently being EU9 (approx AU $13.50) per litre…and that’s how they serve it, in litre jugs!

The Germans love their beer, they consume around 100 litres per person per year and it is certainly more affordable anywhere away from the Octoberfest

German Beer

So then there were some Analysts at the Swiss Bank UBS who decided to work out how long it’ll take a thirsty German to work to buy that favourite drink, the Beer

Analysis is based on 500ml and for the average German, earning a median wage, this comes in at having to work just under 7min…!

Flying across to India, a worker there has to put in almost an hour’s work to be able to afford a cool Beer

Someone in the Philippines has to work 38 minutes, in Nigeria 29 minutes and Vietnam 28 minutes…

No idea why they picked those countries…however it gives us a comparison

Let’s take a look at Australia…12 minutes…for half a litre…is that good or bad…what do you think?

…and the US average worker is the luckiest…only about 5 minutes work and they’ve earned enough to buy a beer!


The French have to work 10 minutes and in China it will take the average worker 8 minutes to make his/her beer however having been to China recently I know they are no where near as keen as Australians or Germans about drinking a beer and also nothing like as cold as the Australians like it

The Swiss Bank Analysts also checked on the Mexican’s who need to work around 15 minutes, the Japanese a little longer with 18 minutes


The average out of the 27 countries the UBS Bank Analysts checked on shows that:

It takes about 20 min of a countries median paid worker to earn enough to pay for 1/2 litre of Beer


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