Growing Blueberries in Brisbane

Blueberries in Brisbane

Blueberries are growing in Brisbane right now. The bush just keeps producing lovely fruit

What’s the Secret?

We’ve asked Rohanne Young from ‘The Delectable Garden’:

“Let’s start from the beginning. The first Blueberry bush I tried to grow in Brisbane, I planted in an area where it got full morning sun and shade from about 11am. It lasted a little while and then it turned up its toes! I was told that it required more sun to really thrive.

The second Blueberry bush I tried to grow in Brisbane, I planted in an area where it got lots of afternoon sun but this was even less successful than my first attempt. Even though it was a healthy plant when I bought it, it very quickly turned up its toes. I was resigned to the fact that Blueberries weren’t going to grow for me in Brisbane!

Some years later I picked up a sad blueberry bush on the reject stand at my local garden centre. It had no leaves and was marked down to $1.00.

I put it in the garden where I had a gap in a new bed and almost dared it to survive!

It has very little direct sunlight, being shaded by a fence from the morning sun and by other plants from the hot Brisbane afternoon sun. And it is thriving!

Blueberries in Brisbane             

It did nothing for the first 8 months or so – no leaves, no flowers, no fruit!

Just when I was about to pull out “the dead twig” it burst out with a mass display of leaves, followed quickly by flowers and fruit. Two years on I have had several punnets of blueberries which are very sweet!

It appears, to grow Blueberries in Brisbane they prefer filtered sunlight, moderate water and moderate fertiliser!

Question the advice given on plant tags from the nursery! According to the nursery tags, blueberries thrive in direct sunlight, but I tried this and the Blueberries turned up their toes!

It would be nice if the nurseries provided plant tags that were tailored to the growing zone, for me, in Brisbane!”

Thanks Rohanne, for sharing these details about growing Blueberries in Brisbane with us!