Constellations Workshop

Constellations Workshop Coming Up

Family & Business Constellations Workshop 

4th May 9:30am – 4pm

Location: Carindale, Brisbane, Australia

Bookings Essential, please call Briar or Luigi now: 1300 160 854



Family Constellation can help with:

  • Feeling resolves about issues with parents, siblings and children
  • Resolving seemingly ‘intractable’ relationships issues at home or at work
  • Letting go of things holding you back from success
  • Major health issues, that come from the family system
  • Resolving blocks to finding or keeping a lasting relationship
  • Finding ways to be comfortable with making and keeping money
  • Getting the sense of purpose and direction back into life


As a Participant /Representative $60
To do your own Constellation $100

Call now to Participate in the Constellations Workshop

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